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  • Posted April 26, 2016


    My strengths was doing the handstand because I think I did a good job with keeping my balance and staying straight. my weekness was when we were throwing the hops to each other because I think that we should have had a better angle to to from. What I liked was when I did the table and my partner Imara did a bridge on top of me. What I did not like was when we put o1ur legs on top of the bar line. Before the unit I did not think I can do this but after the unit I relized that I can do all these all these things. In the unit I learned how to do a handstand and after the unit I was really proud that I learned how to do it. I think that I worked really well with Imara because we had very close and similar ideas. I think that I did a great job in the performance and I think Imara did a amazing job with working with me and I did a job working with working with her.

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