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  • Posted April 28, 2016


    I liked the way my group was very organised.I think it was one of the only times my group was organised. Our strengths were creativity.Our weaknesses were that people in our group should have done bigger jobs in our performance. Before, I felt like this dance was quite good but actually, when I look at it now,I just fell like it was the worst dance ever. To do that dance we had to have strength, flexibility and balance. We could have done better with the hoops. If we did better with that we could have done a very good job. For me , the most skilled gymnast was Alex.

  • Posted April 28, 2016


    I think that we did well because we all did different things and it wasn’t boring. I think that our weakness was that we were too many people and we didn’t have enough things to do for every one so two people had to do the same thing. I think that it could be better if we rehearsed more because some times we did something wrong and fell and dropped the ball. At the beginning of the unit I wasn’t very good at gymnastics but know Im better at gymnastics.

  • Posted April 28, 2016


    I liked this activity because it was fun and it was a team activity. We used teamwork by communicating and we also shared ideas with each other. Everyone had a part in the choreography. Our strengths were our creativity and our weakness was some people could’ve done harder jobs in the performance. I think we could’ve add some more moves but overall I think we did well.

  • Posted April 28, 2016


    Our show was good think but sometimes we had fails but we didn’t care our show was funny because sometimes we fell circles it was good

  • Posted April 28, 2016


    In this activity we used teamwork by cooperating and communicating with each other even though we did not have much time. We did control on the bridge and Me and sezer going on the bench using one of our hands to roll the hula hoop. We used balance on the bridge and on the bench. We used the strength on the bridge. Our choreography was our ideas and cooperation.


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